Best 5 Gaming VPNs for 2022

Gaming, primarily online gaming is one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. To some, it is a fulltime job. However, with various internet injustices such as geo-restrictions, gamers are not getting the full experience of various games they enjoy. With the best VPN for gaming, you can have seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. A VPN for gaming help you bypass various challenges faced by gamers. For instance, you can access geo-restricted games, evade IP bans, gain access to different market places such as Steam and be among the first gamers to preview games not yet available in your location and enjoy various discounts.

Most importantly, with a VPN for gaming, you can safeguard your gaming experience from DDoS attacks, especially if it is a multiplayer game. Besides bypassing geo-restrictions, you can also get to enjoy a gaming experience with other players from various countries. A VPN for gaming brings the world of gaming to your hand.

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    Pros and Cons of a VPN for gaming


    • Bypass geo-restrictions and gain access to various games
    • Avoid ISP throttling and data capping
    • Bypass IP bans
    • Access gaming market places such as Steam
    • Safeguard your gaming from DDoS attacks
    • Enjoy gaming discounts
    • Preview games released for a select region


    • Lowers your internet connection speed
    • Mobile devices may overheat

    How we choose the best VPN for gaming 2022?

    Online gaming requires a VPN that is all rounded. The VPN must offer secure connections while also delivering incredible performance regarding speed. This ensures that your multiplayer experience does not lag; no one likes a lagging game. With many VPNs in the market, it can be a hassle finding the best VPN for gaming. Using the following factors and experience, we have compiled the best VPNs for gaming. Read on.

    • Top Tier/Tier 1 Network – a top tier network is essential for a great gaming experience. This type of network ensures you get the fastest and high-quality network connection from a VPN. Most VPNs get their bandwidth from ISPs. However, the best VPN for gaming should get their bandwidth from IP transits. It should act as an ISP and not rely on an ISP for bandwidth.
    • Bandwidth and speed – besides having a top tier network, the best VPN for gaming should offer unlimited bandwidth and incredibly fast speeds. This includes lower ping, lower latency, and quicker connection times.
    • Large server network ­– a good server coverage ensures that you can access games and enjoy a great gaming experience from anywhere in the world. Also, many servers ensure that there is no server congestion and you will evade IP bans more easily.
    • Privacy and security – Any connection to the internet should be secure and private. The best VPN should ensure the highest levels of privacy and security. This ensures your gaming traffic is invisible to prying eyes.
    • NAT firewalls and anti-DDoS protection – The best VPN for gaming should also include these gaming features. For online games, protection against denial of service attacks is necessary. VPNs that implement these features are considered the best for gaming.
    • Device compatibility – The best VPN for gaming should be compatible with most gaming devices. If it does not support gaming consoles, a VPN should have another alternative, such as a router option.

    Best VPN for gaming 2022

    Using the above factors with thorough testing, here are the best VPNs for all your gaming needs.

    Express VPN – Reliable performance

    Pricing Plans: $12.95 every month, $59.95 every 6 months, $99.95 first 15 months

    Express VPN is an all-rounded VPN service suitable for any task. This is because the service offers incredible performance, security and the recommended levels of privacy. This VPN has incredible speeds from its optimized servers. The speeds are suitable for online gaming. Furthermore, Express VPN’s desktop app comes with an inbuilt speed tester; using this tool, you can always know the best servers to use for online gaming. The best ones will have the lowest ping. Express VPN is also compatible with gaming consoles but for maximum security, use this VPN service on a router. If you are a desktop gamer, you will get an excellent experience from this VPN service.

    Express VPN is a no-log VPN and uses the Best-in-class AES 256 bit encryption. The service also uses a Zero-knowledge DNS coupled with trusted server technology. These features ensure that your internet security and privacy remain intact during online gaming. Express VPN also has a kill switch and offers protection against DNS and IP leaks. Its secure protocols ensure the VPN service is always reliable. Its VPN apps are easy to use and sport an intuitive user interface. This VPN service has superb customer service and supports up to 5 simultaneous connections. Its pricing plans carry a zero-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service.


    • Low-latency servers are great for gaming
    • Superfast Speeds and Unlimited Bandwidth
    • A vast network of 3,000plus optimized VPN servers
    • Excellent security and privacy
    • In-built speed tester
    • Up to 5 simultaneous connections
    • P2P / Torrent traffic allowed
    • 30-day money-back guarantee


    • Expensive pricing plans

    NordVPN – Enjoy gaming with no restrictions

    Pricing Plans: $11.95 billed every month, $83.88 billed every year, $119.76 billed every 2 years, $125.64 billed every 3 years

    NordVPN is widely known for its privacy and security features. It is also a reputable VPN service for other functionalities such as streaming and online gaming. Its vast server network offers optimized speeds that result to lower latency and ping times.  This ensures your online gaming experiences will not be impacted with lags or even connection problems. You have the option to choose various servers to use. Its website has a nifty feature of selecting servers according to your preference. Various settings can be applied such as protocol and server type. NordVPN is compatible with most computing platforms including routers.

    NordVPN service provides advanced privacy and security via its various features and functionality. This strict no-log VPN uses AES 256 bit military-grade encryption, CyberSec feature, IP and DNS leak protection, Double VPN and Onion over VPN among others. All these features ensure NordVPN provides the best, reliable and secure gaming environment. Its server network also ensures you can gain access to various gaming options form anywhere in the world. Its VPN apps feature an intuitive interface with neatly arranged functionalities. For any inquiries, you can reach the service via its excellent 24/7 customer support. NordVPN supports a simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    • Advanced security and privacy features
    • Optimized 5,500 plus low-latency servers
    • Unlimited bandwidth and speeds
    • Indicates server loads and distances
    • Blocks ads, trackers and malware
    • Up to 6 simultaneous connections
    • P2P / Torrent traffic allowed
    • 24/7 customer support


    • Some servers can be slow

    IPVanish – Speed and security-centric features

    Pricing Plans: $10.00 monthly, $77.99 annually, $99.00 every 2 years

    IPVanish is commonly known for being a tier 1 VPN service provider; it also owns its VPN infrastructure. As compared to other VPNs, this VPN service has unmatched speeds with both relatively low latency and ping. Coupling this with its fast network, IPVanish offers one of the best VPN services for gaming. Its widespread servers also offer unlimited bandwidths with unlimited server switching; you will not experience any game lags with this VPN service. It supports various computing platforms including pre-configured routers.

    IPVanish is a no-log VPN and it ensures a high level of security. Like most VPNs, IPVanish uses the AES 256-bit encryptions to make your internet traffic invisible to prying eyes. It also uses the secure OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2 protocol, SOCKS5 web proxy and a NAT firewall. These features make sure you bypass censorships and various geo-restrictions to enjoy your online gaming experience fully. IPVanish has user-friendly apps. The simplicity of its apps makes this VPN service suitable for novice users. Similar to other VPNs, it also offers 24/7 customer support. Sadly, its 7-day money-back-guarantee is not enough for testing the VPN. To make up for this, IPVanish supports a simultaneous connection of up to 10 devices.


    • Top tier network of 1300 plus servers worldwide
    • Unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds
    • You can choose servers according to ping time
    • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
    • Great levels of security
    • Excellent customer service


    • 7 day money-back guarantee

    CyberGhost VPN – Fast and secure VPN service

    Pricing Plans: $12.99 billed every month, $71.88 billed every year, $99 billed every 3 years

    CyberGhost is a premium service with preconfigured profiles suitable for various tasks such as streaming and gaming. CyberGhost No spy servers are custom engineered to give the best performance, especially the one needed for online gaming. Their premium hardware and dedicated uplink offer the suitable speeds and unlimited bandwidth. The other servers are also optimized to provide amazing speeds and incredible performance. CyberGhost vast VPN network also ensures you unblock any geo-restricted gaming content from anywhere in the world. CyberGhost is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, streaming devices, various browsers, and routers.

    CyberGhost uses the AES 256 bit encryption standard, has a no-log policy, and there is a built-in Nat firewall. Additionally, the service offers IP leak protection, allows P2P traffic, and a kill switch. All these features ensure that your internet connection is secure from various gaming threats such as DDoS attacks. Its VPN apps sport intuitive interface with various settings that you can use to tweak the performance of the VPN. CyberGhost has friendly customer support, and it is one of the few VPNs offering a 45-day money-back guarantee. It supports a simultaneous connection of up to 7 devices.


    • A vast network of 6100 plus DDoS protected servers
    • Advanced security with NAT firewall
    • Fast speeds with low-latency
    • Friendly round the clock customer support
    • Up to 7 simultaneous connections
    • 45-day money-back guarantee


    • No Spy servers have an extra subscription

    PrivateVPN – The most secure connection of its kind

    Pricing Plans: $7.67 per month, $14.63 billed every three months, $49.68 billed every 13 months

    Private VPN, although relatively small regarding its infrastructure, it has a significant online reputation for gaining access to various geo-restricted content. It is also synonymous with its High-Quality Network directly sourced from IP transits, the backbones of the internet. This HQN bandwidth gives PrivateVPN the ability to offer highly reliable service with excellent speeds, low latency and shorter pings. Qualities desirable for any gaming VPN. Its small servers also provide unlimited bandwidth and match the abilities of renowned VPNs when it comes to access geo-restricted content. PrivateVPN has an uptime of 99.98% and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and routers.

    This Swedish VPN has a no-log policy, uses the strongest AES 256 bit encryption and relies on secure VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2. The service does not leak and hence your internet traffic is only visible to you. Its simple VPN apps sport a clutter-free interface and are easy to use. PrivateVPN has great customer support, always willing to help. It supports a simultaneous connection of up to 6 devices and its subscription plans carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    • Top-notch security and privacy
    • High-Quality Network with tier 1 ISPs
    • Unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds
    • Torrenting is allowed
    • Up to 6 simultaneous connections
    • Offer free remote setup
    • 30-day money-back guarantee


    • Fewer servers; 150 plus


    Online gaming can be a frustrating endeavor without the right tools. Using the best VPN for gaming, you will get access to geo-restricted games and content, avoid DDoS attacks and get access to pre-released games. You will also be able to evade IP Bans and enjoy multiplayer games across world players. Additionally, you will gain access to various online gaming discounts.


    Can I use a free VPN for gaming?

    No, a free VPN is not recommended for gaming purposes, most free VPN are to slow, have limited bandwidth, data caps, and are not able to unblock most geo-restricted content.

    Can the best gaming VPN increase connection speed?

    This is only possible if your ISP is throttling your internet connection. In most cases, a VPN will lower your internet connection due to the encryption overhead.

    How about reducing my ping?

    Given the fact that a VPN reduces your internet connection speed, the same applies to your ping. Also, connecting to servers in other countries will increase your ping. However, if your ISP throttles your connection, you might experience reduced ping times when using a VPN.

    Can I get game bans for using a VPN for gaming?

    In most cases, games ban IP addresses used to access their game service. If this happens, you can always change your IP address with the best VPN for gaming.

    Can I use a VPN for mobile gaming?

    Yes. Most VPNs are compatible with mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.








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