Windows 7 System Recovery Options Usage

Windows 7 System Recovery is a small program that allows you to execute different tasks. This program is a valuable piece of tool necessary in fixing Windows problems caused by virus infection, software malfunction or damaged driver files. Other non-troubleshooting task includes resizing of hard drive partitions, disc scanning and maintenance. With the graphical user …

Fix Windows 7 Errors with Startup Repair

To those who are new into using and troubleshooting Windows 7, perhaps you are still unaware of its features to resolve system issues using Startup Repair. Microsoft Windows 7 Startup Repair tool is a system recovery application designed to help users deal with various system malfunctions. This tool is available on Windows 7 System Recovery Options …

Restore FireFox To Its Default Settings

There are instances that we wanted to restore FireFox to its default settings but no available preferences inside this Internet browser so we wondered if FireFox default settings can be restored. Firefox has simple method to get back to its fresh-installed settings with these simple steps.

How to Block a Website on FireFox

Unlike blocking a website in Internet Explorer, which has built-in feature, Firefox users must use a different approach to attain the same level of security. Users of Firefox browser needed to obtain separate browser extension. So far, the widely used and most trusted extension for this purpose is called BlockSite.

Blocking a Website in Internet Explorer

Malware, fake programs and other online fraudulent activities are exploiting vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer to perform malicious task on the computer. Malicious websites in particular may execute drop-by-download method onto your computer. In this scheme, a simple visit to dubious site may lead to virus or malware infection.

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