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I am a BA Political Science degree holder who fell in love with content writing right after college. I specialize in financial technology, cryptocurrency, economics, business and technical writing.

Best Home Security Systems in 2020

When people talk about home security systems, the first thing that many think is that it is expensive. However, they got it all wrong. You…
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Dashlane Password Manager Review 2019

Are you wondering how you can save all your login credentials? Dashlane Password Manager can help you save all your passwords, and you`ll not have…
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LastPass Password Manager Review 2019

Are you still thinking if you should get the LastPass Password Manager? LastPass Password Manager is secure, affordable and easy to use, making it an…
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1Pass Password Manager Review 2019

Do you have trouble remembering all the passwords of all your online accounts and platforms? A password manager is all you need. 1Pass password manager…
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Norton Antivirus Antivirus Review 2019

Are you still wondering whether Norton Antivirus is a good-enough protection tool for your computer and mobile devices? There’s no need to be uncertain. Norton…
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MacKeeper Antivirus Review 2019

Are you worried about how to keep your Mac running efficiently? Worry no more! MacKeeper can give your Apple MacBook a refresh to boost performance….
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