PublicSeek Review 2020 – is It a Scam?

PublicSeek aims to help you locate family members, childhood friends, college acquaintances, and military personnel you have lost touch with and miss dearly. It is the tool that brings to reality the reunion you have always dreamt about.

Have you ever wondered who is living next door? Do you have a good or a bad neighbor? What is their background and history? Are your children safe around them? These are questions we always have but are too afraid to walk up to someone and ask. And frankly, they can lead to awkward conversations. But the good news is that a simple public record search can solve all your problems.

With that said, there’s now the issue of legitimacy. Can you trust the information that PublicSeek offers? Many people seem to have different views on this. So to put the matter to rest, we tested the platform and compiled a comprehensive review. Below is what we think about the platform. Spoiler alert – it is legit, albeit some minor problems.


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    What is PublicSeek?

    PublicSeek is a background check company with headquarters in Hauppauge, New York. It has a powerful search engine algorithm that searches through public records for information related to the keywords typed in. You can say it’s like Google. But unlike Google, it solely searches through public records and social media platforms and presents users with an easy to understand report of the person of interest.

    As you’ll see below, the platform allows individuals to search persons of interest based on different information, including email addresses, names, and phone numbers. However, since each of these pieces of information is linked to a specific type of data, the reports vary slightly. Some provide more detail than others.

    What are the pros and cons of using PublicSeek?

    Like any background check company, PublicSeek has its pros and cons. Below is what you should expect.


    • It offers detailed reports for residents regardless of the state
    • It has a simple and easy to use website
    • Offers a couple of ways to conduct a background check including phone and email lookup and a name search
    • The customer support is friendly


    • The search doesn’t meet many of the CRA requirements. As such, they cannot be used for commercial purposes
    • You need to subscribe to get a report

    What can PublicSeek Offer?

    Name Search

    Blind dates are the best if you are into online dating. There is a thrill to it. But even with the adrenaline and the joy, you have to ensure you are safe. With online dates, you need to do your due diligence to learn who you’ll be meeting with. You need to know if they have a criminal record or are sex offenders.

    With just a name, you can get all relevant information about the person. PublicSeek goes through a vast database of public records and social media accounts. It will also provide you with their criminal records, current address, phone numbers, and aliases. It also provides you with a list of possible associates and close family.

    Address Search

    Reverse address search can provide a lot of information as well about a property and its owner. The type of information you get in a report includes the value of the property, the current property owner, and the safety of the community.

    Using the address search, you can make better decisions before, and even after purchasing the property. PublicSeek reverse address lookup offers accurate results because it is linked to a large database. Picture this; there are more than 150 million addresses in the U.S. all of these addresses follow a similar pattern, which includes the house number, the name of the street, the city, state, and the zip code.

    The address also serves as a mailing address. And if the numbers are wrong, items cannot be delivered. PublicSeek helps you to learn the real mailing address and complete the delivery of a product for your business.

    Reverse Phone Lookup

    It is not common to get a call from a new number, which turns out to be good news or a person you knew in the past. If this has happened to you – you are one of the lucky few. Usually, you have to deal with spammers who call you to sell you products you are not interested in. They could be selling insurance or promising to make you an overnight millionaire if you complete a list of easy tasks.

    PublicSeek powerful search algorithm can see links in mobile phone data as well. The algorithm gives you power. When you enter the number you need to search; It goes through a long list of phone numbers to tell you who is calling you non-stop. From the report it gives you, you will uncover useful information as well.

    The information could include the email address linked to the phone number, the age of the use, their location, and their social profiles. If it’s a company, the report will be shorter but more accurate. You can also add the number to a spam list to help other PublicSeek users who are disturbed by the same phone number.

    The reverse phone lookup will work for both cellphones and landlines – even if the numbers are still active or unpublished.

    Reverse phone lookup is essential mainly because there is a rise in the number of robocalls in the U.S. PublicSeek helps you know if you are dealing with a scam or not. Most scam companies come in the form of forgiving student loans, offering travel awards, and 0% interest loans. We recommend applying this rule when it comes to these calls – if the deal is too good, think twice (and proceed to search the number on PublicSeek).

    Reverse Email Lookup

    Emails are the current identification in the online world. Many websites, businesses, and social media platforms require an email address for registration. Heck eve PublicSeek requires an email address when you are creating an account. Because of this, the power of email in the online world should not be underestimated.

    But despite its importance, theirs is a big loophole in this ‘identification’; people rarely use their real names. This can be seen on all social media platforms and dating sites where people use usernames instead of real names.

    PublicSeek can provide you information on the owner of the email address. The information is pieced together from a database of social media profiles and reputable websites.

    How much does PublicSeek cost?

    PublicSeek has three plans. If you want to test the platform without spending a fortune, you can join the one-day trial. This trial costs $1. But once the trial period is done, you have to subscribe to either the monthly or the bi-monthly option. The monthly plan costs $26.87, while the bi-monthly option costs $26.96. From these figures, the bi-monthly option is cheaper. But this is because you are required to pay for it in advance.

    What do customers say about PublicSeek?

    According to online reviews, there is a lot of mystery surrounding PublicSeek services, their accuracy, and their trustworthiness. Some vouch for them, and others are dissatisfied with the results they get. Some claim the reports are inaccurate. And while this might be true, it can also be because the public records from which the company sourced the information is incorrect.

    And for those who stand with the company, they are pleased with the price points and the speed with which they deliver the reports. In comparison to most companies, PublicSeek is a cheaper option. They also love the fact that it offers multiple methods of searching and that it has an app with improves the convenience all the more.

    How good is PublicSeek customer support?

    The customer support is friendly and offers easy to understand instructions. You can reach the team through email ([email protected]) or on the phone (1-888-366-6565). They are available between 8 am -and 8 pm EST.


    So is PublicSeek a company you can trust to provide you with accurate and up to date information? Yes. They have put systems in place that ensure you get nothing but the best. However, even with these systems, it is impossible to guarantee 100% accuracy all the time because, ultimately, the accuracy of the background check company depends on the accuracy of the public records it gets the information from.

    With that said, overall, it is an excellent company. The cons are minor and can be worked on. We recommend using the platform, but like with all other background check companies, you should take their report with a pinch of salt. They are to offer guidance and not to be taken as the ultimate truth.


    What can you use PublicSeek for?

    The reports Public seek offers contain a lot of information that many people go to great lengths to keep hidden. These include the social profiles, their bankruptcy information, sex offenses, criminal records, dating activities, and many more. Because of this, you have access to a wealth of information.

    It is okay to use PublicSeek for?

    You can use PublicSeek powerful search engine to discover the truth about those living close to you, to find out if your neighborhood is safe, to learn more about your blind date, to see what others can find about you, to get a list of all the registered sex offenders and to learn the truth about other parents and their kids.

    What is included in the standard report?

    The standard report contains a bunch of information including phone numbers, date of birth, address history, possible relatives, arrest records, government license information, social media profile, sex offenders in your area, and more. The information you get is dependent on what information you use to search.

    Where does PublicSeek get the information?

    It goes through billions of public records in the U.S. as well as databases from trusted suppliers. This is how they manage to get information on a lot of people and show links to different people.

    How accurate and up to date are the reports?

    PublicSeek tries its best to include updated and accurate information. The content is updated every 24 hours to ensure this happens. If you find outdated results, you should contact PublicSeek customer support immediately. The fact that they update their information every 24 hours makes them more accurate than most background check companies that copy information from these databases and then search through them when users are in need.

    Why should you get the premium report?

    The premium report contains valuable information. It is an extensive background search that reveals a lot of information about an individual aside from their name, phone number, email, and address.

    Why do you have to pay for the report?

    PublicSeek wants to offer the most accurate and update information possible. However, this comes at a cost on their end. The cost comes in because they have to work with premium data providers and invest in technology that ensures data is updated every24 hours. But even without going the extra mile, searching through billions of public records requires powerful machines and is a costly process. Offering the report for free would put the company out of business. Why should you choose PublicSeek over other background check companies? PublicSeek has come up with a system that ensures you get relevant information fast and reliably. You can opt for a membership or a one-time report depending on your needs. Also, PublicSeek notifies you when they update information that you had previously searched. All this comes at a reasonable price tag, and you can opt to cancel any time you please.

    How can you cancel the subscription?

    You can contact customer support to cancel your subscription. The process is simple, and you will not be billed on the next month. How to remove yourself from PublicSeek The process of removing yourself from the database is direct and straightforward. However, you have to contact support, and it might take more than seven days to complete.


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